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Dr. Khan Javed Hameed, one of the most experienced general and vascular surgeons in the San Gabriel Valley, established Preferred Vein Care to provide the best non-surgical, in-office laser treatment to patients with vein disorders. Dr. Hameed is proud to offer the non-surgical endovenous laser treatment (EVLT™) as an excellent alternative to traditional vein surgery.

non-surgical, in-office laser treatment

One of the most experienced, respected and highly sought-after surgeons in the San Gabriel Valley, Dr. Hameed has developed an expertise in the most advanced surgical procedures available, including laparospic and robotic surgeries. These procedures are not only state-of-the-art but also minimally invasive, resulting in less patient trauma and lower patient recovery time than traditional surgical procedures.

Dr. Hameed brings the same passion and enthusiasm that he has shown in his surgical career to his vein practice. As an experienced general and vascular surgeon, Dr. Hameed can and does perform open vein surgery on rare occasions when needed. However, because of technological advances in vein treatment, Dr. Hameed is proud to offer the non-surgical, minimally invasive endovenous ablation treatment of varicose veins as an alternative to vein surgery.

Dr. Hameed performs non-surgical endovenous ablation along with injection therapy, with superior results. Dr. Hameed is an advocate of endovenous ablation because it is non-surgical, minimally invasive, virtually painless, does not require hospitalization or general anesthesia, has immediate results with no recovery time, and is a safe and effective alternative to surgery.

As a doctor who has always focused on patient care and satisfaction, Dr. Hameed is excited to provide this innovative vein treatment to his patients.

Khan Javed Hameed

MD, F.A.C.S.

With 40 years of training and experience, Dr. Khan Javed Hameed has devoted his life to providing the best medical care to his patients, while staying [...]

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Dr. Hameed provides a non-surgical, virtually painless way to treat varicose and spider vein problems that deliver rapid results. Preferred Vein Care offers several minimally invasive treatment options that uses targeted energy to seal the vein shut and help you look and feel better fast.

If you are suffering from spider or varicose veins, contact Preferred Vein Care to schedule an appointment and find out if you can benefit from this fast and effective laser treatment with superior results.

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