Patients Testimonials

  • Dr. Hameed did an excellent job. I was happy with the process. A lot of my pain has subsided. I had a busted vein that has gone away, along with all my small veins around it. Everyone has complimented me on how much of a difference this has done for me. I’m very happy with the results of my procedure.
  • Dr. Hameed has helped me with the pain in my legs.  I had a lot of varicose veins and slowly my varicose veins are going away after my treatment.  The burning went away a couple a weeks after my procedure. I’m very happy with Dr. Hameed and his staff.”  (Translated)
  • This procedure has improved my symptoms drastically. I’m able to walk without pain. I no longer have swelling or burning in my legs.
  • The surgery on my varicose veins helped me to walk better. And no more pain!
  • “Before my procedure I had a lot of cramping and pain of my feet. After my procedure I feel much better.” (Translated)
  • I feel great and I no longer have leg pain.
    Aurora C.
  • My legs feel good.  Vein treatment has helped me.
    Ricardo R.
  • Great experience! Everyone was very helpful.  The procedure has helped me a lot.  Great staff!
    Joanna C.
  • I feel great this procedure has helped me a lot. I have no more pain, no more heaviness, and I can walk better.  Dr. Hameed made me feel safe at all times.
    Marie R.